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Lending Policies

Materials Lending Policy for Southmoore HS Students

* Students may take out up to two library books and one English set novel at a time.

* Library books may be kept for up to two weeks.

* Materials may be renewed, unless another student has placed a hold on the item. 

* Students will not be allowed to take out additional items until all overdue materials are returned or paid for.

* Students will be charged the replacement cost for any lost items or items that are retuned with significant damage that causes the item to be unusable. 

Behavior Expectations

* Conduct yourself in a way that allows others to learn.

* Treat others with kindness and respect.

* Follow all directions given by library staff.

* Sign in as you enter. You must have a pass from a teacher, during class time. 

* Water only in the library. No other food or drink is permitted.