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Graduation Regalia Cords & Stoles

Graduation Regalia Policy

The rules about wearing Cords, Stoles, Hoods & Medals at graduation.

In order to ensure a dignified and distinguished graduation ceremony, the Southmoore Senior Class has some standards and regulations regarding the regalia that graduates may wear on their gown at graduation.  All graduates are required to wear a school approved cap & gown at the commencement ceremony.  Graduates may only wear hoods, stoles, cords, pins or medals that were earned while they were a student at Southmoore and were presented to them by a recognized club or organization at Southmoore, Moore-Norman Technology Center, or Moore Public Schools.

Please refer to the following rules concerning regalia for clubs and organizations.

  • Hoods (satin material that drapes down the back) may ONLY be worn by National Honor Society.
  • Stoles * (satin material that drapes down the front of the gown)
    • If your club/organization has a National affiliation, stoles may be worn by all current officers.
    • If your club/organization does NOT have a National affiliation, stoles may be worn by the President ONLY. All other officers may wear cords.
    • All stoles must be professionally made with silk-screening or embroidery done for all lettering. No homemade stoles may be worn.
    • Stoles should come to about the waist of the wearer and should not be more than four (4) inches wide. 
  • Cords * (thin colored ropes that drape down the front) may be worn by all qualified members of all clubs/organizations. Each club may present a single cord. If the club as multiple colors, then the cord needs to be intertwined (twisted) with the multiple colors. 
  • Pins & Medals (metal awards that sometimes have a ribbon) may be worn by seniors for accomplishments that have occurred during their high school career as a part of a school sponsored club or activity.
    • Pins may be used to recognize a current officer of a club/organization that does not have a national affiliation.
    • Pins may also be used to recognize a former club/organization officer from the Junior, Sophomore or Freshman year.
    • Pins may show outstanding individual accomplishments (i.e. – State Champion Medals)
    • Pins should not be used to make political, religious, cultural or social statements. 

*All clubs/organizations that wish to have their officers or members wear stoles or cords at graduation must get approval through the Senior Class Sponsors

*Clubs/sponsors are responsible for the purchasing and distribution of their club or organization’s stoles, cords, or pins.  (Stanley Graduation Services is one of several companies that sell cords and stoles.)

Graduation Cap/Mortarboard Nothing may be worn on the graduation cap/mortarboard except the official Southmoore graduation tassel which is Navy & Gold.  Absolutely NO decorations, religious or cultural symbols are allowed on the graduation cap/mortarboard.