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Senior Activity General Information

Senior Activity General Information

Dress Code

Please be aware that inappropriate dress at any of the activities will result in you not being allowed to participate in that activity and NO refunds will be given.  Senior dress at all senior events must comply with all dress codes and school rules as set forth in the Student Handbook as well as this handout.  If you question your attire for an upcoming event, you should ask a principal or a Senior Class Sponsor before the event takes place. 


Tickets for all Senior activities require a cash purchase.  Checks will not be accepted.  All deadlines will be strictly followed.


All Senior activities are official school activities.  Any student in violation of law or school policy can be suspended and/or turned over to the police, may face possible legal charges, and will have his/her diploma held pending disciplinary action.  Violations include, but are not limited to: alcohol, drugs, fireworks, etc.  Students who attempt to disrupt graduation will have their diplomas held and be subject to school discipline.  As stated in your school handbook, no student lacking more than one unit of credit will be allowed to go through commencement exercises.


If you have any questions concerning senior activities, feel free to contact the Senior Principal or one of the Senior Sponsors.

Spencer Braggs Senior Principal – Main office - 405-735-4912

Bill Garner - Room S204

Lana Echard - Room N209 

David Hanneman - Room S205 - 405-735-4973