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Senior Banquet Video Pictures

During Senior Banquet, a special video will be shown that is a tribute to the Senior Class.  It will show a baby picture, a youth/elementary picture, and a Senior (Yearbook) picture.  To be included in the video, Seniors MUST submit pictures to the Senior Class.

Pictures Requirement:

1) a baby / pre-school picture

2) a youth / elementary picture

Pictures can be any size, but MUST be INDIVIDUAL SHOTS of the the Senior. 

Note - If a Senior can only find one of the two pictures, they may submit that one pic and still be included in the video.

Due Date:  ALL pics are due by Friday, December 8, 2023.

How to Submit Pictures: Pics can be submitted "electronically" or as "hard copies".

Electronic (digital) pictures must be saved in JPEG (JPG) format ONLY.  Pics should be emailed to David Hanneman.

Hard Copies (paper pictures) MUST be put into a "Senior Banquet Video Envelope" and given to a Senior Sponsor or the Senior Secretary in the Main Office.  Hard copies pictures WILL BE RETURNED to the Senior in January after we scan them.

Note - if needed, Seniors may submit one picture electronically and one picture as a hard copy. 

***Due to copyright and privacy laws, we may not sell copies of the Senior Banquet Video. ***