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Election Candidates

Election Information:  
If you are interested in running for a Student Council or Class Officer position for the 2024-2025 school year, you need to be aware of the following information. You will not become an official candidate for office until you complete the online application linked below.  
 Election Timeline:
  • Informational meetings will be provided. You are STRONGLY encouraged to attend the meeting(s) for the offices in which you are interested in running so that you can ask questions and to have the most up-to-date information on the election.
    • Student Council Informational meetings: Tuesday, March 12th at 7:50 AM in Mrs. Lehew's room S211 or Wednesday, March 13th at 3:10 PM in Mr. Hobbs's room S203.
    • Class Officer Informational meetings: Tuesday, March 12th at 3:10, or Wednesday, March 13th at 7:50 AM in Mr. Hanneman's room, S205.
  • Online Application (linked below) must be submitted by Friday, March 14th  at MIDNIGHT. The application program will automatically close at MIDNIGHT.  Email Mrs. Lehew immediately if you encounter a problem.
  • Posters (one "platform" and up to four others) due before beginning of First Hour on Monday, March 25th in Mrs. Lehew's room, S211 (In the event that you cannot run due to GPA, you will be notified prior to this. If you are running unopposed, we will notify you during the day on the 15th.)
  • A video compiled of the speeches from each candidate will be available on the online voting link.  Students may view the election video before casting their votes.  
  • Candidate video recording will take place based on the following schedule:
  •  Sophomore class officers  7:30 AM, March 25th  S211
     Junior class officers       7:30 AM, March 25th, S211
     Senior class officers  7:30 AM, March 25th, S211
     Student Council officers   7:30 AM, March  26th, S211
  •  Elections will be done online.  Students will be able to vote online on students' class canvas courses between 11:20 on Thursday, March 28th and 1:10 Friday, March 29th.  
  • Results will be posted on the "Student Council" section of the Southmoore website by 4:00 pm on Friday, March 29th.  

Helpful information:

  • Election Guidelines (All candidates, STUCO and/or Class Officer, should read this document.  It will explain your poster and speech requirements.)
  • Student Council Constitution and By-Laws (read both if running for a STUCO position)
  • Class Officer By-Laws (read if running for a Class Officer position)


If for any reason you believe there is a problem with your application submission, you must Email Mrs. Lehew OR immediately. Any applications (or e-mail "problem" reports) not submitted by Midnight on March 14th will not be considered.